The Sigao solution

Atlast! Solutions has written a blog article explaining the problem they encountered with the i7-8700T. It could not be used as a "like for like" replacement in fanless cases suited to the previous i7-7700T. They found that the default settings would cause the i7-8700T to use up to 50W CPU power instead of the advertised 35W. Read the article here.

The solution can be to manually set the maximum power (TDP) for the CPU in the motherboard BIOS settings. The downsides to this are:

1) This causes the CPU to throttle performance after about 30 seconds from 38x clock multiplier down to 32x when heavily loading the CPU with multi-core activity.

2) The customer needs to manually set the TDP values if they updated the BIOS or if it was reset. Although not a problem for enthusiasts, this is not a suitable strategy for a product sold to the general marketplace.

The good news is that the 8th Generation 6-core i5 CPUs use less power / heat and have performance at similar levels to the previous i7 CPUs (these are available in a range of fanless PCs featuring Streacom, Akasa, and Impactics cases).

A new industrial grade "Sigao" fanless PC range featuring a case made of 7 Kg of aluminium and steel is able to keep the mighty i7-8700T cool (even under heavy load). Sigao is now their flagship product.