Can Streacom's FC8 handle 65W Ryzen chips?

Streacom's FC8 is officially designed for 65W processors but here's a more nuanced and up-to-date explanation, straight from the case manufacturer:

"So AMD does indeed have a different way to calculate TDP and in general tend to run hotter than Intel, but to be fair, Intel has also changed the way they calculate TDP and now use an average instead of max TDP when boosting, so recent CPUs have been running hotter than older models with our fanless cases. As both the CPUs you are considering are 65W, they should be OK with the FC8, we have actually had it running with 95W TDP CPUs in the past. Certainly if you notice any unreasonably high temperatures, its always possible to undervolt/underclock to drop the temperature, but it should be OK even without doing that."

Source: reddit