Gumstix Waysmall Silverlode

Now we're talking. The Waysmall Silverlode from Gumstix is a full-featured ARM PC with Ethernet and an OS that is not Android. Granted it's only an ARM Cortex A8 running at 800 MHz with a measly 512MB of internal storage, but that's definitely a step in the right direction.

✓ Ubuntu ARM mini-PC
✓ Texas Instruments Sitara AM3703 processor
✓ 512 MB RAM
✓ 512 MB NAND flash
✓ Internal microSD card slot
✓ 10/100 Ethernet
✓ 3 x USB (OTG, Host, Console)
✓ Stereo Audio In /Out
✓ 110 x 44 x 18 mm
✓ 5V adapter

Source: Liliputing