Panther Canyon's renders

Here's a closer look at Intel's NUC 11 Performance. As always, no major differences between the regular and slim versions except storage (M.2 + 2.5" SATA3 SSD versus M.2 only respectively). We're hearing that at least one fanless case will be available shortly after its February / March release.


Intel's coming attractions

Coming very soon from Intel : The low power and affordable Jasper Lake family, Tiger Lake-H (expected to power the Beast Canyon NUC), the desktop Rocket Lake-S range (including 35W options) and a sneak peek at the heterogeneous 10nm SuperFin Alder Lake architecture.

Source: Intel 


Meet the ASUS Fanless Chromebox

Very interesting product from ASUS : A passively-cooled Comet Lake-powered Chrome OS mini PC. The 207 x 148 x 32mm Fanless Chromebox features Intel 10th Gen processors (15W Celeron 5205U, i3-10110U, or i7-10510U options), up to 8GB RAM and 128GB M.2 SSD. The cloud-friendly mini desktop also features six USB ports (including one USB 3.2 Type-C port), two HDMI 2.0 ports, and GbE LAN.

Source: ASUS


SilverStone NJ700 launched

SilverStone's new flagship power supply is now this 700W Nightjar. The 80 PLUS Titanium fanless PSU is fully modular and possibly based on Seasonic's PRIME Fanless TX-700 internals, much like the previous NJ520 and NJ600.

✓ High quality construction with all Japanese capacitors

✓ 100% modular cables

✓ Strict ±2% voltage regulation and low ripple / noise

✓ 24/7 continuous power output with 45℃ operating temperature

✓ Class-leading single +12V rail

✓ PCI-E 8pin and PCI-E 6pin connectors support

Source: SilverStone 


5800X / 5600 XT build

This Ryzen 7 5800X and Radeon RX 5600 XT build features the now discontinued SilverStone HE02 CPU cooler and ARCTIC's amazing Accelero S3 GPU cooler. Also aboard the pretty rare 550W ENERMAX Digifanless ATX power supply and the convection friendly Corsair Vengeance C70 case. While the end result is pretty great in its own right, exceeding the recommended max TDP of your CPU cooler (95W here) is never a good idea.

Source: Chiphell


AnandTech reviews the ZBOX CI662

 "The core thermal solution employed in the ZBOX CI662 nano is the huge heat-sink that completely envelopes the board except for the underside (to allow installation of a 2.5" drive and the DDR4 SODIMMs). Unlike other passively-cooled PCs, it is not possible to directly touch the heat-sink by accident. The heat in the fins are drawn out by convection through the plastic chassis with plenty of perforations in a honeycomb pattern. The plastic casing itself doesn't get very hot. The case also has either a flat profile or rounded edges around the spots where it is usually held to access the I/O ports or power button.

It is possible to build a passively cooled version of a Frost Canyon NUC with an after-market chassis for around the same or slightly higher cost - but the efforts needed to assemble the passively-cooled case may be too time-consuming for many customers. Pre-built passively-cooled NUCs also carry a significant premium. An almost ready-to-use mini-PC like the ZBOX CI662 nano fits this target market perfectly. Relatively speaking, $550 is an affordable price tag for such a system."

Source: AnandTech


Comet Lake Jetway barebone

Jetway is readying what looks like a fanless NUC powered by the 15W i5-10210U. Featuring cooling fins on all four sides, the interesting and feature-rich system measures 150 x 106 x 75mm and rocks four USB 3.2 ports, HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.4, and two Intel GbE LAN ports. Geared towards industrial applications, Jetway's mini PCs are generally widely available to the general public.

Source: Jetway