FIRST LOOK: Next Gen Akasa Turing

Meet the Turing ABX (product code: A-NUC76-M1B) compatible with the following Ryzen models in the Gigabyte BRIX series: GB-BRR3-4300, GB-BRR5-4500, GB-BRR7-4700, and GB-BRR7-4800. The new Turing features rounded edges, cleaner lines, and Akasa's signature diamond edge finish, previously seen in the Euler series. Coming soon.



Noctua's NH-P1 in all of its glory

It's big, it's bold, and it's shipping now. Noctua's highly anticipated fanless CPU cooler is finally a reality. As expected it looks majestic and will likely perform like a champ. Reviews should drop as early as next week, stay tuned. Special thanks to our friend Matthew over at Fully Silent PCs for the exclusive pictures (Matt is a fanless specialist, do check him out).


One last Nofan build

Here's probably the last Nofan CR-95C build featured on FanlessTech, since the Nofan is discontinued, and the Noctua NH-P1 is the new king. This i3-4130T build featuring the unique copper-plated CPU cooler and a custom case is up for sale (not affiliated).

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Noctua NH-P1 promo videos

The supercooler is available now for $109.90.
Let's make this a success!


Noctua's NH-P1 is official

Noctua today released its much anticipated NH-P1 CPU cooler :

The NH-P1 is our very first passive cooler, and it should be easy to see that we didn’t just take a regular heatsink and omit the fan”, says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “A lot of engineering work went into designing this unit for fanless operation from the ground up and we’re truly proud of the end result. In our completely fanless demo system, the NH-P1 cools an Intel Core i9-11900K running Prime95 at more than 3.6GHz – this is a lot of processing power and a whopping 125W kept in check with zero fan noise!

The NH-P1 isn’t just a regular heatsink without a fan: featuring much thicker, much more widely spaced fins, it achieves both the mass and the minimal airflow resistance that are required in order to excel in natural convection cooling. In fully optimised fanless systems, the NH-P1 is capable of cooling high-end CPUs with low to moderate heat dissipation using natural convection only

While we’re very excited about the possibilities that the NH-P1 opens up, we also need to stress that building a passively cooled system is not as straightforward as building a regular system. For optimal results, components must be selected more carefully, and certain principles should be respected”, Roland Mossig explains.

The NH-P1 is 158 x 154 x 152 mm and 1180 g (slightly lighter than expected). This historic product is available right now for $109.90 and 109,90 euros.

Check out Noctua's setup guidelines and CPU compatibility list.

Why passive cooling is better

This is what several years of active cooling look like. This Skull Canyon NUC, which used to be a relatively quiet machine, is now a dusty and hot mess. Fan-cooled PCs are literally vacuum cleaners when you think about it. Meanwhile, those who invested in a fanless case are still enjoying this 2016 NUC in total silence, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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SilverStone NJ700 available

Rumor has it that SilverStone's new flagship fanless PSU is actually a rebranded Seasonic's PRIME Fanless TX-700. Launched few months ago, the white 80 Plus Titanium-certified power supply is finally available for a eye-watering $330. The Seasonic model is even more expensive but does come with an industry-leading 12-year warranty.

✓ High quality construction with all Japanese capacitors
✓ 100% modular cables
✓ Strict ±2% voltage regulation and low ripple / noise
✓ 24/7 continuous power output with 45℃ operating temperature
✓ Class-leading single +12V rail
✓ PCI-E 8pin and PCI-E 6pin connectors support

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GeForce GT 730 is back

With the ongoing GPU shortage showing no sign of abating, MSI is bringing the passively-cooled GeForce GT 730 back. This card is rocking 384 CUDA cores and features a 902 MHz boost clock as well as 2GB of DDR3 memory at 1,600 MHz. This entry-level product is not a gaming powerhouse but it's a viable option for multi-display applications thanks to a VGA port, a dual-link DVI-D port, and one HDMI 1.4 port. The N730K-2GD3H/LPV1 is available right now in Japan for about $40.


The truth about TDP

Here's everything you need to know about TDP, Intel, and AMD : The Turing A50 (designed for the 15W ASUS PN50) is 27 cm in height, while the Turing TN (designed for the 28W NUC 11 Pro) is 24 cm in height. We leave you to draw your own conclusions…