MINIX N4000 PC Linux review

Linuxlookup takes a look at the $275 fanless mini PC and things look good from a Linux point of view:

"Powered by an Intel Celeron N4100 processor with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600, the MINIX NEO G41V-4 hardware profile is fully supported by Linux."

"The G41V-4 comes with 4GB of Samsung DDR4-2400 RAM soldered onto the printed circuit board (PCB) and cannot be swapped or upgraded. Onboard is also an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 (802.11ac dual band) Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2 adapter, along with a 2280 M.2 SSD slot (STAT 6.0Gbps) supporting SSDs up to 512GB in capacity."

Source: Linuxlookup


HDPLEX NUC kit launched

The HDPLEX passive NUC kit is designed for the H1 case series (which includes the H1 V3 and H1.TODD). It shares the same six-heatpipe solution as the regular H1 CPU heatsink system, and uses both sides of the case to dissipate heat (up to 65W TDP). The kit will be available this month for $58.50, please note that the H1 case is sold separately.

The kit supports two mounting patterns: the three-point mounting which is used by the NUC 7 and the four-point mounting which is used by the NUC 8. Thanks to its modular design, the HDPLEX NUC kit will support future NUCs by adding new I/O plates.

Source: HDPLEX


Chaco Canyon bundles

Intel's NUC 8 Rugged AKA Chaco Canyon features a fanless and ventless design. Qualified for 24x7 operation, the diminutive system rocks the 6W Celeron N3350, 4GB of soldered RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage. Thankfully adding an M.2 SSD is entirely possible, and multiple bundles are now available for those not keen on building computers.

120GB M.2 SSD
240GB M.2 SSD
480GB M.2 SSD
960GB M.2 SSD


MintBox3 review

Clément Lefèbvre, the mastermind behind Linux Mint, takes a looks at the MintBox3, and he's refreshingly unbiased.

"The MintBox 3 is passively cooled and it is silent, but it isn’t “completely” silent. This is my main issue with this computer and if I had to change anything in it, that would be it. The components which come in the Pro model (i9 and GTX 1660 Ti) are extremely powerful and they produce what we call “coil whine”. These are high-pitched electronic squeaking or scratching noises. How noticeable and distracting they are largely depends on how silent your environment is. If you’re not familiar with coil whine, it sounds a bit similar to how HDDs sounded in the past, when they had these little noises coming from moving the read/write arm inside the hard drive. It’s not loud, it’s nowhere near as loud as a fan, but it’s there and so it’s not “completely” silent."

Source: Linux Mint


Easy-as-pie mounting system

Arctic's Alpine 12 Passive features the most straightforward mounting system ever. It's basically four screws. Make sure to use a sub-47W CPU and a convection-friendly case, and you're good to go.

Source: Charme azur


Zalman CNPS20X available

ZALMAN's supercooler is now available for a whopping $100. The CNPS20X features six heat pipes and weights 1.3kg. This beast of a cooler is even larger and heavier than flagships from Phanteks or Noctua. Its "4D patented corrugated fin design" reminds us of ZALMAN's discontinued FX70 and using it passively is in the realm of possibility.

Image credit: 3Dnews


The Nucintosh is complete

We saw a sneak peek of its cooling solution a few months ago, here's the complete system. This impressive custom build features a Bean Canyon NUC, a modified Arctic AM4 Passive CPU cooler, and an exclusive 3D printed case. The Nucintosh looks like a mix between the latest Mac Pro and the fanless Power Mac G4 Cube from the early 00's. Well done!

Source: reddit


New KODLIX duo

Gemini Lake systems are available again, including these two entry-level Windows 10 Pro mini PCs from KODLIX. The thin model is powered by the dual-core Celeron N4000 and features 4GB RAM / 64GB eMMC storage for $169.99. The thicker model features the quad-core Celeron N4100 and 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD storage for $279.99. Please note that the 32GB RAM mention is a typo (or a lie) as Gemini Lake's max memory size is 8GB.


ZBOX edge CI341 available

We're excited about this one. Teased at COMPUTEX 2019 the ZBOX edge CI341 is now available directly from ZOTAC for $180. Featuring the 6W Celeron N4100, two SO-DIMM slots, M.2 storage, DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi and Bluetooth, the CI341 is the thinnest ZBOX C series model yet. Most importantly, the CI341 also features an efficient cooling system in the form of a heat sink case.

Source: The ZOTAC Store