Trading size for silence

Sure, fanless NUC cases are considerably larger than Intel's original mini PC. They are also substantially heavier, not too mention on the expensive side. Design-wise, they're an acquired taste to say the least. But total silence, extreme durability, and virtually zero maintenance make up for it. Go fanless!


IGEL ready thin client launches from OnLogic

Global designer and manufacturer of computers built to survive where others would fail, OnLogic ( announced the availability of the new IGEL Ready IGL100 thin client for configuration and purchase from At less than 1.5 inches (37mm) tall, the slim IGL100 offers plentiful I/O and expansion options in a small form factor designed to fit almost anywhere IGEL OS is needed.

“Though the IGL100 was designed specifically for the needs of industrial computing, the plentiful I/O and small footprint brings a lot of value to any solution requiring extensive connectivity in a compact package,” said Johnny Chen, OnLogic Solutions Architect. “We install IGEL OS at time of system assembly and ship, making our IGEL Ready thin clients a great option to ship directly to off-site locations, including remote locations or to team members who are working remotely. This unique service can save time and costs related to warehousing, IT, and OT, namely the handling, imaging, and re-shipping of hardware to the end install location.”

Dual-core Intel® Celeron® N3350, or quad-core Intel Pentium® N4200 CPU variants support up to 8 GB of DDR3L memory and include dual independent display support, seven USB ports, and multiple expansion slots. OnLogic’s Hardshell™ Fanless technology and DIN, VESA, and wall mounting options allow for functional and streamlined installations, including mounting to compatible monitors to provide a clutter free and silent workspace.

Features and Specifications

✓ Two CPU Options
✓ Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz (max burst frequency 2.4GHz)
✓ Intel Pentium N4200 1.1GHz (max burst frequency 2.5GHz)
✓ Slim form factor: 7.72" x 1.45" x 4.76" (196 x 36.75 x 120.8 mm)
✓ Wide input voltage: 9~24 VDC
✓ 4 USB 2.0 ports
✓ 3 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports (1 type C)
✓ 1 Gb LAN port (N3350) or 2 Gb LAN ports (N4200)
✓ 2 DisplayPorts
✓ 1 audio jack (mic in, line out)
✓ 1 full size mPCIe socket
✓ 1 full/half size shared mPCIe/mSATA socket
✓ 1 mSATA

Optional Features:

✓ Wall, DIN, and VESA mounting kits
✓ WiFi, Bluetooth, or 4G LTE connectivity
✓ Auto Power On
✓ 2 RS-232/422/485 COM ports

Tested and verified by IGEL to ensure compatibility, the IGL100 is ready to plug and play. IGEL enables IT organizations to control, update and provision all of their devices from its single pane of glass dashboard. Whether creating a thin client solution for basic web access and office use, or architecting complex cloud workspaces using the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud, OnLogic hardware with pre-imaged IGEL OS gets workspaces up and running quickly.

“We are excited to see OnLogic expanding their portfolio of IGEL Ready verified solutions,” said Divya Saggar, Senior Manager, IGEL Alliances at IGEL. “OnLogic’s IGEL Ready hardware solutions demonstrate the advantages of leveraging IGEL OS-powered endpoints to support secure access to cloud workspaces in rugged, harsh environments such as factories and other industrial settings.”

The OnLogic IGL100 is available for configuration and purchase 24/7 by visiting, or by calling 802-861-2300.

To view OnLogic’s partner profile in the IGEL Ready Showcase, visit To explore the IGEL Ready ecosystem of solutions, visit 


Tiger Lake ThinkEdge in H2 2021

Lenovo is working on a beefed-up version of their fanless IoT ThinkCentre series with new models featuring a more adequate heat sink case and 10nm SuperFin goodness. "The new ThinkEdge SE30 is a small and rugged compute device for edge workloads. It includes the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 vPro® processors for industrial computing. The processor improves compute power, accelerates AI workloads, and is built for the challenges of edge implementations in enterprise with extended temperature support from -20 to +60 Celsius, long-life reliability, as well as enhanced security and manageability features."

✓ Intel® Core™ i5-1145GRE vPro®
✓ Intel® Core™ i3-1115GRE

✓ Up to 16GB (dual channel) DDR4

✓ Up to 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD

✓ 2 x RS232/422/485
✓ 2 x USB 3.1 Gen2
✓ 1 x Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen2, display)
✓ 1 x audio combo

✓ 1 x DisplayPort (i5 SKU)
✓ 1 x HDMI (i3 SKU)
✓ 1 x Type-C (Thunderbolt4, display, PD 5V3A)
✓ 1 x USB 3.1 TBT4, display, PD
✓ 1 x USB 3.1 Gen2
✓ 2 x RJ45 LAN
✓ 1 x DC-in via AC adapter

Via: Liliputing


Shuttle's DS20U just leaked

Shuttle's own Taiwanese site is partially listing the next generation of their popular fanless XPC series. The DS20U is virtually identical to the previous DS10U series (with the sole addition of Bluetooth 4.2) and it's not a bad thing given the DS10U's robustness, durability, and rich I/O. CPU-wise, we're looking at 15W Comet Lake-U processors, including the Celeron 5205U, i3-10110U, i5-10210U, and i7-10510U.

✓ 2 x SO-DIMM slots (64GB max)
✓ M.2 slot / 2.5" bay
✓ SDXC card reader
✓ 4 x USB 3.2 Gen2 ports
✓ 4 x USB 2.0 ports
✓ 1 x HDMI 2.0a
✓ 1 x DisplayPort 1.2
✓ 1 x VGA port
✓ 1 x COM port
✓ 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (Intel)
✓ 200 x 39.5 x 165 mm

Source: Shuttle Taiwan


Last two Airtop3

Two units of the turbocharged Airtop3 are still available from Amazon for an eye-watering $3,774. Keep in mind that these highly-integrated PCs are absolutely one of a kind being powered by the Xeon E-2288G and featuring Quadro RTX 4000 graphics. The units also feature 64GB RAM, a 1TB Samsung NVMe SSD, and come with Windows 10 Professional pre-installed.

With a volume of just 7.5 liters, Airtop3 can passively dissipate up to 300W and operate in the wide temperature range of -40°C to 70°C. Airtop3 cooling is based on Compulab’s Natural Airflow technology that increases airflow without moving parts. The CPU, GPU and storage devices each have their own dedicated thermal zone. The 7.5 liter all-aluminium housing is made of die-cast and extruded parts with precision machining for seamless fit, shock and vibration resistance. Airtop3 ships with a 5-year warranty.

Source: Amazon   


ASUS fanless Chromebox unboxing

Courtesy of Promevo

Update: The Celeron 5205U version is now listed for $399.

Revamping laptops

This fun project is turning old Panasonic laptops - powered by the Broadwell i3-5010U - into fanless HTPCs. Motherboards, which are actually quite small, are rehoused in acrylic cases and paired with server heat sinks. Unfortunately, thermals are far from great mostly due to the difficulty of mounting such coolers on tiny SoCs. Which is a shame because these chunky pieces of hardware could probably handle the 15W TDP in the right conditions. 

Source: Zhihu


Silent Mac Pro coming soon?

Is a new passively-cooled Mac coming later this year? Following a previous Bloomberg article teasing a larger M1 Mac mini that would invoke nostalgia for the Power Mac G4 Cube, Jon Prosser is alluding to a machine that looks like three to four Mac minis stacked on top of each other. Also, the phrase "compute unit on the bottom with a big heat sink on top" is like music to our ears, and sounds like a perfectly designed fanless computer. We strongly believe in solid state computing, and Apple could lead the way once again.



Akasa Turing A50 official

LONDON, ENGLAND, February 2021 – Akasa, a global leader in fanless technology, has extended their Turing fanless chassis design series by releasing the new Turing A50. The Turing A50 has been designed specifically to support the mainboards found inside the Asus Mini PC PN50 series, which features the latest AMD Ryzen™ 4000 notebook PC mobile processors in conjunction with Radeon™ graphics. The Turing A50 is a product at the forefront of fanless technology and combines innovative style with solid functionality in order to create a contemporary Ryzen™ fanless system.

The Passive Cooler Case

The Asus Mini PC PN50 series can feature some of the latest AMD mobile processors: the Ryzen™ 3, 5 and 7. Whichever you choose, the Turing A50 will be able to keep the APU cool under all working conditions to optimise performance in complete silence. The case utilises fanless technology, where the solid aluminium core that showcases hi-performance AK-TC5026 thermal compound and gap fillers, efficiently transfers heat from the APU. With the chassis itself working as a heatsink, the excess heat from the APU is then transferred to the external fins via the aluminium core and into the surroundings, keeping the APU cool without the need of a noisy fan. Built with deep cooling fins to maximise the surface area and an aluminium casing, the system functions optimally whilst also existing as a completely silent component.


The Turing A50 is yet another product from Akasa showing a combination of functionality with stunning composition; its symmetric extruding fins and diamond effect cover panels are all made from black anodized aluminium. The Turing A50 looks stylish and suits any environment due to its minimalist features. The design team was inspired by Art Deco when designing the case, with the beautiful side panels influenced by traditional Chinese panels. The chassis can be positioned horizontally with dual edge panels or vertically, allowing for more choice according to your taste.


The Asus Mini PC PN50 series delivers exceptional processing power of a full-sized computer, whilst also being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The Turing A50 chassis maintains this compact manner and measures just 95 x 113.5 x 247.9 mm. This means the case can easily complement a home audio or cinema system on a shelf or desk. It can also be comfortably tucked into a drawer or mounted behind a screen, making it ideal for any environment.

Connectivity Maximized

With all the ports and power of the Asus Mini PC PN50 series, there is no limit as to what your computer can do. The Turing A50 gives full I/O access to the Mini PC, which includes USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, HDMI 2.0 and RJ45 LAN. Combined with products such as Wi-Fi antenna and cables, which are noted on the Akasa website, this small yet powerful computer is a perfect Ryzen™ fanless system for a variety of applications which includes, but is not limited to, gaming, recording and mixing music, or even an office setup. The computer also supports a quadruple Intel® 4K UHD display (with the use of any Type-C to dual HDMI adapter such as the Akasa AK-CBCA26-18BK), perfect for maximising productivity when multitasking across multiple screens, which the Turing A50 allows you to enjoy in absolute silence. To discuss customisation options, project details, or additional OEM services, contact or call +44 (0)20 8578 0055 in the EU and +886 (0)2 2999 6289 for Asia Pacific and USA.


The Turing A50 starts at £125.00 / €130.00 (prices may vary by reseller).
The Turing A50 is available to order throughout the UK, Europe and the US from the end of February. Contact to find a reseller near you