Logic Supply LGX AU970

We try to avoid reporting on industrial hardware, unless it's readily available (and one of a kind). Logic Supply is now offering its latest rugged beauty starting at $1,374. Any taker?

"The AU970 offers high-performance computing for even the most graphics-intensive applications. It supports up to 16 GB dual-channel 1333 DDR3 memory, and comes equipped with a dual- or quad-core third-generation (Ivy Bridge mobile) Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 CPU and QM77 chipset.

Third-generation Intel Core processors efficiently deliver top-of-the-line graphics performance while taking up very little space. Logic Supply is among the first to offer this technology in a fanless chassis.

A comprehensive array of I/O allows for a wide range of connectivity options, including two eSATA and CFast ports for external storage, a SIM card slot for 3G connectivity in remote deployments, and an 8-bit Digital I/O port. The AU970 has 3 LAN ports (one with Intel iAMT for remote support), 10 USB ports, 4 COM ports and 2 DVI ports for dual independent display.

Source: Logic Supply