Intel i7-4765T is amazing [+ our new PC]

Intel's lowest power desktop i7 features 4 cores and 8 threads of Haswell goodness. In terms of raw power the i7 4765T is basically the top-of-the-line Sandy Bridge i7 2600K with pumped-up graphics, all this with a fanless-friendly 35W TDP.

This is our new PC, and it's a thing of beauty. Under the 22cm wide NOFAN CR-100A temperature for the i7-4765T is 32°C at idle. At full load, it didn't exceed 47°C. We're obviously very happy with it, but we still believe fluxless soldering would have improved our results.

Overkill, on the verge of grotesque, and we love it! We went for the biggest cooler and the smallest motherboard for the shock factor. And for art, too. Definitely our most powerful PC ever. Coming from a Core 2 Duo, everything is just so snappy.

No case for us. Mainly because we like to live dangerously, but also because natural convection does wonder.

Overall a fantastic build, we just wish the i7-4765T and other 35W desktop CPUs were more readily available.