Lubuntu and OpenELEC on the Atom NUC

The NUC blog did a great job at reviewing the single core DE3815TYKHE and it seems that, despite the lack of real horsepower, everything works just fine.

"I booted a Lubuntu 14.04 installer from a USB stick and successfully installed Lubuntu on the internal eMMC storage that is built-in to the NUC. Booting up the system is not lightning fast, but not slow either. The window manager works nicely and surfing the net with Firefox was fine. Overall I was surprised how snappy the system was keeping in mind that it's powered by a meager single core Atom CPU.

The DE3815TYKHE surprised me with its lively performance in the menus and good performance when playing full HD videos. It is totally silent and you do not need to add any storage media as there's an intenal eMMC storage built in. It's significantly faster than a Raspberry Pi for example (but that's an unfair comparison) and OpenELEC works smoothly out of the box on it

 Source: The NUC blog (2)