Streacom's stylish NC3

Streacom is showing its latest passive NUC case at Comptex, and it's quite something to behold. The diamond-shaped chassis offers the largest cooling surface ever. No price or release date are set, let's hope the NC3 will not follow the path of last year's equally atypical DB4.

Source: golem.de

Update: An exclusive pic, and a note from the Streacom team.

"The Streacom NC3 is a truly unique design for the Intel NUC platform and a departure from typical cases on the market. Its large cooling fins offer excellent passive cooling performance, and its ABS side allows for a full range of custom colours. Its design also allows for different orientations and with the use of a 3D printer, its side body can be printed and customized giving end users the freedom to fully personalize or even re-design their case. We will provide the 3D model for the standard ABS part as Open Source."

The NC3 will be available in Q4 for 99.90 euros.