Building small (Akasa Euler S review)

Akasa's Euler is a Thin mini-ITX case, and a CPU cooler as well. Definitely the easiest solution for a fanless LGA build (it's also one of a kind).

Launched in 2012, the Euler is back with two front USB 3.0 ports and a premium "diamond finish" on the edge.

228 x 187 x 61.5mm, 2200g, the Euler is literally a giant heatsink. Heavier than SilverStone HE02 and Thermalright HR-22 combined.

Spoiler: We got the best results in the convection-friendly vertical position.

Not just the CPU. Carefully placed air vents keep all components at low temperatures.

While the Euler looks and feels amazing, the CNC machined aluminium of our sample looks slightly uneven (we quibble). The power button is really disappointing though, too small and on the flimsy side.

4 screws and the Euler is already wide open.

The CPU area is a massive and shiny aluminium bullion.

Feets, 2.5" mounting kit, SATA cable, and thermal compound are all included.

The Euler is available with or without power supply. We got a Great Wall GA120SC1, stable and surprisingly cool.

The tricky part: not much room to work with. A good thing we skipped the 2.5" drive and went for a 500GB mSATA Samsung 840 EVO SSD.

35W CPUs only. The very efficient and very capable Intel i3 4130T will power our build.

Less than half of the thermal grease was needed. It looks silicone-based but does the job.

The little ASUS Q87T fills the entire case now. We did skip the I/O shield for additional airflow.

The Euler looking sharp. Less than 30 minutes to build, 37°C at idle, 55°C at full load, this is an undisputed success. Available globally, this $120 case / CPU cooler is unique and almost perfect. We're impressed and highly recommend it.

More info at akasa.com.tw