ZBOX PI320 pico delivers

So far, Brad from Liliputing is enjoying ZOTAC's upcoming pocketable (and affordable) PC.

"I’ve been testing the little computer for a few hours and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how responsive it is. I’ll have benchmarks and more performance notes in my full review, which will be published later. But here are some of the things I’ve already used the PC for:
  • Streaming video from YouTube and Hulu
  • Streaming HD video from a shared network drive using XBMC 13.2 media center
  • Watching live TV using open source media center Media Portal and a Pinnacle USB TV tuner (connected to a rooftop antenna)
  • Surfed the web with 8-10 browser tabs open
Not once did the computer feel sluggish while doing any of those things."

Source: Liliputing