Cirrus7 Nimbus gets (Haswell) refreshed

The uniquely designed Nimbus from Cirrus7 is now packing Intel's latest processors. Build with stackable laser-cut aluminium layers, the Ubuntu-friendly Nimbus starts at a reasonable 528 €. The following CPUs are available:

✓ Celeron G1840
✓ Pentium G3240
✓ Core i3-4350T
✓ Core i5-4570T
✓ Core i5-4590T
✓ Core i5-4690T
✓ Core i7-4785T
✓ Core i7-4790T

FanlessTech is powered by an i7-4765T and we highly recommend the i7-4785T for workstation-class computing at the lowest TDP. 35W is the new 84W.

Source: Cirrus7