ECS LIVA X review

The first review of the next gen LIVA is available at the excellent LegitReviews.com and it doesn't sound too good:

"That said we did run into two very obvious quality control issues with the LIVA X that are unacceptable. The first being the fact that the thermal pad over the CPU was not properly aligned with the CPU. We experienced CPU throttling during our torture testing since the CPU was overheating. We aren’t sure if the system would have still throttled if the pad was in properly covering the CPU, but it certainly isn’t helping matters."

Beside these obvious quality control issues, we have quite a problem with the CPU cooler. Placed under the motherboard, and with no air vent at the top of the case, this cooling design makes no sense. A 4.5W chip reaching 94°C is extremely disappointing and we just don't recommend the LIVA X.