Broadwell NanoPCs released (and why rooting for Foxconn is hard)

After skipping Haswell, Foxconn's affordable NanoPCs are back and Broadwell-powered:

AT-9700 (i7-5500U, 15W TDP)
AT-9500 (i5-5200U, 15W TDP)
AT-9330 (i3-5010U, 15W TDP)
AT-9200 (Pentium 3805U, 15W TDP)

The trouble is that, like HP and ASUS, Foxconn is cashing on the fanless craze with questionable graphics and presentation ("0dB noise"?), when their Core-based systems have been proven fan-cooled.

A rep for Foxconn confirmed us that the new NanoPCs are, indeed, not fanless.

Image credit: Foxconn, ixbt.com