AnandTech reviews ECS LIVA CORE

While the Core M system represents a step in the right direction, and is a serious upgrade from the Bay Trail / Braswell families, temperatures are still problematic. Ganesh notes:

"A chassis temperature of around 68 C is definitely a bit too hot to handle, but, thankfully, it is not as bad as the 75 C we saw in the LIVA X2. The metal base at the bottom as well as the substantially better heat sink on top of the SoC manage to keep the temperature of the system under better limits. However, the chassis design could definitely do with some improvements to make this aspect better."

Manufacturers have to understand that the maximum junction temperature given by Intel (95°C here) is not a user manual. For the time being, any NUC with a third party fanless case is still a better option.

Source: AnandTech