ZOTAC announces the ZBOX CI323 (with beefed-up cooling)

There's something different about the new ZBOX CI323, featuring a Braswell Celeron N3150, a USB 3.0 Type-C port, and available as a barebone or with Windows 10.

We're not going to lie, we loved the connectivity of the previous models but hated the thermal solution. ZOTAC denied any problem, and yet the CI323 looks definitely taller (bigger internal heatsink?) with additional air vents on the front and on the sides of the unit (certainly improving convection). All this despite a smaller 6W TDP (last year's models featured processors up to 11.5W TDP).

Good for ZOTAC, but we still don't like it. The top vents still look fake (the top cover is actually closed with a thermal pad involved. Update: details at ZOTAC.com). What's so bad about a see-through top panel? Let us see the heatsink, and let the damn thing breathe!

Via: TechPowerUp