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Intel's own fanless NUC ($135). Basic but carefully designed.

CompuLab fitlet-H ($380). The closest thing to a fanless AMD NUC.

Nofan CR95C ($98). Gorgeous and efficient. The One.

Fractal Design Core 3300 ($80). Clean design and air vents on top for convection.

SeaSonic 400W fanless PSU ($126). +100,000 hours MTBF, 7 years warranty. 'Nuff said.

HDPLEX 250W fanless pico-PSU ($85). Stability and reliability for smaller builds.

ASRock N3700-ITX ($100). The most capable Braswell motherboard.

Intel 535 Series SSD (120GB, $70). Intel's savoir-faire at a reasonable price.

Intel i5-6500 ($205). The latest and greatest. Will need the CR-95C.