Airtop now available to order

The small but mighty Airtop is now available to order from CompuLab. The DIY kit (Airtop chassis and custom LGA1150 motherboard) is now only $795, with another affordable model rocking a Core i5-4690 and Linux Mint.

The top-of-the-line gaming Airtop features the i7-5775C with Iris Pro Graphics 6200, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, and is pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional. Workstation models should be available in the coming days.

✓ Airtop-DIY $795

✓ Airtop-D i5 Linux Mint (i5-4690, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD) $995

✓ Airtop-D i7 Barebone (i7-5775C) $1223

✓ Airtop-G750 i7 Barebone (i7-5775C, GTX 750 Ti) $1372

✓ Airtop-G950 i7 Barebone (i7-5775C, GTX 950) $1594

✓ Airtop-G950 Win 7 Pro (i7-5775C, GTX 950, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) $1846