Calyos Fanless PC (2-Phase Cooling)

Calyos, the global leader in Advanced 2-Phase Cooling Solutions for electronic components could change the fanless world forever.

Based upon its expertise in Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technologies, Calyos is now launching custom-designed workstations (and gaming rigs).

Pump-free, water-free and also noise-free, these unique computers combine the best electronics and possibly the most innovative cooling solution. Using a powerful refrigerant (R-245fa) - a low-pressure, non-toxic compound - Calyos Fanless PC promises watercooling-like performance. Systems are available in black or white, and support Intel and AMD processors.

Source: Calyos

Update: Systems will be available between 1000 and 4000 euros in Q4, with a global launch at CES 2017.