Is Intel misleading?

Intel's naming scheme is pretty hard to follow, but by selling Celeron and Pentium chips from 2 very different architectures, Intel is entering troubled/troubling waters.

Let's compare some Celeron and Pentium processors currently available:

✓ Celeron N3150, Airmont architecture, 6W TDP, 1693 CPU Mark
✓ Celeron G3900, Skylake architecture, 51W TDP, 3189 CPU Mark

✓ Pentium N3700, Airmont architecture, 6W TDP, 1908 CPU Mark
✓ Pentium G4520, Skylake architecture, 51W TDP, 4261 CPU Mark

Clearly 2 different worlds, in terms of usage and thermals. We actually wrote to Brian Krzanich in 2013 about it, and he was kind enough to reply "thanks for the feedback.. I genuinely appreciate it". Well nothing has changed, Brian! Low power architectures deserve their own naming scheme, and Intel's customers deserve clarity.