Linux Mint ♥ Compulab

Clement Lefebvre - the mastermind behind the awesome Linux Mint - takes a looks at Compulab's current offering, including the MintBox Mini Pro and Airtop.

"When I saw the Airtop, I already knew I wanted to get rid of my main computer, its big tower and noisy fans. I’ve had devices I was really sad to let go and it never had to do with how much I paid for them or how fast they were.. it had to do with the fact that they were no longer powerful enough and that I loved using them (The Sony T2XP 10″ laptop for instance, the Google G1 smartphone and its keyboard, the MintBox Mini now that the Mini Pro is better in every way except cuteness, and one day probably the Apple MacBook Pro).

Compulab does devices like that. You get to love them."

Source: Segfault