Streacom FC8 build log

Streacom's FC8 Alpha gets a mixed review cooling the 65W i7-4770S. More than ever, we strongly suggest Intel's or AMD's 35W processors for passive cooling (unless the CR-95C is involved).

"In standard/light usage temps went around 48°C on avg. The whole case --and not just the fins-- becomes pretty hot, which is good of course but you realize how much heat accumulates inside the case. In fact while the CPU stays relatively cool, the problem seems more with all the other components, notably the chipset. After a short session of standard usage PCH was already at 68°C. Nothing to worry about, but still.

The stress test though wasn't very kind on the FC8. After just 2 minutes of prime numbers crunching the CPU jumped to 92°C and the case became basically untouchable with bare hands."

Source: smallformfactor.net