Our fanless Steam machine (and going AMD)

AMD knows a thing or two about iGPU and the A10-7890K is a fantastic option for an all-in-one solution. The quad-core processor (up to 4.3 GHz) features the Radeon R7 Graphics and is perfect for indie games, even at 1080P.

There's only one passive heat sink capable of handling a 95W TDP monster, and it's Nofan's CR-95C. Please do not settle for Nofan's CR-80EH which is a different and vastly inferior cooler.

The Korean giant is absolutely unbeatable but will absolutely need air for natural convection to occur. If you can't go open-air (think Thermaltake's Core P3 or Core P5) make sure that your top panel is all mesh.

Clean and simple. We added Seasonic's 400W Platinum Fanless for stability and reliability, and voilĂ ! After one hour of online playing, temperature reaches the high 60s which is just fine. A powerful and trouble-free build.