Throttle City (MSI Cubi 3 Silent review)

MSI Cubi 3 Silent is not the Holy Grail. Impeded by an unnecessary top cover, MSI's cooling solution is disappointing at best. The i5-7200U Cubi 3 Silent performs significantly worse than the actively cooled i5-7200U Gigabyte Brix. Will mainstream brands ever take passive cooling seriously?

"Is there a caveat to MSI's fanless design? We're afraid so. During use, CPU performance is often limited to as little as 1.8GHz in order to keep temperature down to an acceptable level...

On the one hand, Cubi 3 Silent appears wonderfully efficient and manages to keep CPU core temperature to 55ºC without any fan noise. On the other hand, those numbers are understandably low because the CPU is automatically throttled when temperature hits 55ºC, which is almost immediately."

Source: HEXUS