Akasa Galactico build

Our friend trejj from reddit was kind enough to send us pictures of the Akasa Galactico build process. Here are some of his comments:

✓ Installation of the Galactico case took a bit less than two hours. The most difficult part for me was figuring out how to remove the NUC board out from the original Skull Canyon case, I was afraid I might break it. There are no included instructions with the Galactico case on how to extract the Skull Canyon board out from its own case. My electronics skills are at lego builder level, I can assemble a PC from components, but apart from that, no much special skills. Galactico's installation instructions were suitably clear though, did not have big problems, but definitely some headscratching moments while installing.

✓ The Galactico case is surprisingly heavy for the size. All those heat sinks do add up in weight.

✓ First time booting up, hearing 0dB was certainly magical! :)

✓ At idle, I'm getting about 34C temps. (at 23.8C room temperature)

✓ Running only FurMark GPU stress test Burn-in test at 1024x768, 0x MSAA, gives 28 FPS that doesn't fluctuate, and graphics temperature levels at 73C.

✓ Overall, I give this product a big thumbs up. Akasa has made me happy, and I no longer hate my NUC.

The Galactico is available for $238 and 200 euros.

Source: reddit