ASUS PN40 and PB40 released

Showcased at CES, ASUS' PN40 and PB40 are now official. The PN40 is the consumer oriented product, while the PB40 is more focused on connectivity and professional use. Both rock a passively cooled Gemini Lake Celeron N4000 (actively-cooled Celeron J4005 versions available too).

At 115 x 115 x 49 mm the NUC-sized PN40 features four USB ports and triple-display (HDMI, mini-DisplayPort, VGA).

At 175 x 175 x 34.2 mm the PB40 looks mini-ITX-based, features seven USB ports, and dual-display (DisplayPort, VGA).

Both feature dual storage (with 2.5", M.2, eMMC options) and support 24/7 usage, a nice touch. The PN40 and PB40 will be available as barebones or complete Windows 10 PCs.