Kaby Lake pfSense goodness

Protectli's The Vault is killing it. The Kaby Lake barebone features a Celeron 3865U ($319) or an i3-7100U ($519) and six Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports. Reviews are through the roof :

"I couldn't be happier with this unit. The hardware is very good, runs PFSENSE without a glitch"

"This device provides a reasonably capable processor, six Intel gigabit NIC ports, solid construction quality, your choice of MSATA storage (or a 2.5" SSD, if you think that's really necessary). Running pfsense, it supports all of my needs, including hardware-accelerated VPN support and management of multiple LANs."

"Very well built. Have it running pFsense for a network of 50 users."

"Works as advertised. Tested with a fresh pfsense install, had multiple video streams running in house to multiple devices (2 Netflix, 1 Hulu, 1 Directnow) plus general web traffic and the cpu load on this box barely flinched. Sat around 5-6% the entire time."