MintBox mini 2 available for pre-order from $299

The MintBox mini 2 AKA MBM2 is not your average fanless mini PC, it's a political statement. 5% of the proceeds are donated to Linux Mint, and since our world is clearly on a dystopian path, the open-source model needs to be supported more than ever.

The MBM2 features a 10W Celeron J3455 and is pre-installed with the latest Linux Mint (Linux Mint 19 “Tara” Cinnamon). Two models are available, the regular MBM2 for $299 (4GB RAM, 64GB M.2 SSD) and the MBM2 Pro for $349 (8GB RAM, 120GB M.2 SSD).

The MBM2 is also fully compatible with the fitlet2 FACET cards for 4 Ethernet ports, 8 USB ports, 4G modem, and more. The MBM2 can be ordered now from Compulab, or from their Amazon store in August.