Nofan CR-100A can still be found

"I have been using the CR-95C Copper with my i5 3470 processor for a while now. In Prime95 load test, the CPU would top out at around 65-67C after 10 minutes of load and stay at the same temperature for as long as I run the test. The ambient temps were around 23C. I stopped after 2 hours since I didn't record temperatures going any higher since the 10 minute mark. I find it really impressive for a completely fanless cooler. I know 3470 is a mid-range non-OC processor, and most people would say you couldn't cool passively an overclocked i7, but they'd be wrong!

I installed the slightly bigger, but shorter in height, CR-100A today. And in the same test, temperatures would top out at 59-61C! That's 6C lower than the copper cooler. In real-world applications like games and web browsing, I usually don't exceed 50C on the CR-95C Copper. The CR-100A so far under normal workloads has stayed around 48C, which is unbelievable for me."

Source: reddit