SimplyNUC's fanless Dawson Canyon review

Announced almost 2 years ago, SimplyNUC's in-house Dawson Canyon NUC is finally available. Thankfully, it looks like the wait was worth it : "SimplyNUC’s new case has a lot going for it. Performance-wise, it does the job and then some. It seems to do a better job of cooling the CPU than the typical NUC. It’s also a nice looking case, even cute in its “pokiness”. It’s much bulkier than the standard NUC package, but the designers have done a great job of giving the case some personality. The external antennae add even more size, but they also improve the WiFi range.

In the i3 model at least, the Porcoolpine case seems to do a much better job of cooling than the standard NUC fan, so it may give you an edge against heat-related failures, and may even prolong the life of the hardware."

Source: Techster's Blog