ALL the 8th Gen NUCs are back in stock

Is 28W the sweet spot? Beginning in 2012, the first seven generations of Intel NUC all featured 15W processors. But the latest generation rocks desktop-worthy eDRAM-infused 28W CPUs. And we're hearing that they are selling like hotcakes.

We were blown away by the horsepower of the i7 Bean Canyon NUC. In fact, the i7-8559U outperforms the 65W i7-7700!

NUC8i3BEK (i3-8109U / short)
NUC8i3BEH (i3-8109U / tall)
NUC8i5BEK (i5-8259U / short)
NUC8i5BEH (i5-8259U / tall)
NUC8i7BEH (i7-8559U / tall)

The only difference between the tall and short versions is that the tall NUCs feature a 2.5" bay. All of them are compatible with the Akasa Turing.