Logic Supply's Karbon 300 review

"When it comes to rugged computing gear, most people interested in this industry know the big players that dominate the market and get all the media coverage. But that's not everything there is. Unbeknownst to many outside of the circle of customers and prospects, a surprising number of smaller companies are designing, manufacturing and distributing rugged computing systems of one type or another. One such company is Logic Supply, located in South Burlington, a small town in the northwestern part of Vermont. Logic Supply distributes a variety of rugged/embedded systems and components, they have also begun developing their own chassis under their own brand.

As an industrial Mini PC suitable for a wide variety of applications, the Karbon 300 is somewhere between a regular personal or business PC and a dedicated embedded computer. Standard desktop PCs need as much performance as possible to be able to handle whatever may come their way. Embedded systems are often targeted at very specific applications that require a certain level of performance and no more. So Logic Supply offers the Karbon 300 with Intel "Apollo Lake" E-Series X5 and X7 processors that offer decent performance without the complexity and power consumption of an Intel Core chip."

Source: RuggedPCReview

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