"This is the best fanless case I've ever seen"

This Amazon review of Akasa's Plato is worth quoting at length :

"Okay, so I'm a big fan of the Intel NUC line, as they're actual x86-64, use a real (low power, but real) Core i3/5/7 chip, and support NVMe drives. Their cooling solution is absolutely terrible, though. A 20mm fan at several thousand RPMs makes a high-pitched whine that you can hear in another room, and if you have even slightly sensitive hearing, it's incredibly annoying. Especially when you're using it as a media PC, like me. It's hard to enjoy a movie or TV show with that background, 60dB whine in the background.

I picked up this case, really hoping that it wasn't a boondoggle where I'd have to go back to the OEM chassis after trying it. First impressions: It's much bigger than it looks. Bigger than you think. In my photo, you'll see the original NUC case on top of this case. It's heavy, and those heatsink fins mean business ... this isn't a nod towards thermal management tech, this is a carefully designed product.


The instructions are ... not great. I've been in IT for over 20 years, and I second guessed myself a few times. Take your time, and really pay attention to the graphics for scale (to find the right part/screw/thermal material), because it's mostly graphics, and very little text. There are no included instructions for disassembling your NUC, but YouTube has many videos. It only takes a few screws and about 5 minutes.

Actual usage:

As this is my media PC, the silence of this case is amazing. But it wouldn't be worth anything if the CPU overheated or constantly throttled itself (and shortened the life of the system). In my second photo, you'll see my standard Intel NUC 5i5RYH model running at 38C in this case while running Plex in the browser along with some normal background tasks. After the chassis fully reached stable temperature, it's averaging about 42C at 50% load. Since the thermal limit is 105C, that's a lot of headroom. I'm very happy.


If you have a NUC that this chassis fits, and don't mind doubling the size of your current chassis, buy this one. Everything about it is top notch, other than the instructions. Silence is golden!"