Introducing the Whiskey Lake ML100

"The ML100G-51 features the latest Intel Whisky Lake processing, bringing an impressive cost-to-performance ratio to the fanless NUC family. Available with the Quad-Core multi-threaded Whisky Lake i5-8265U processor and up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, the ML100G-51 provides plenty of power for heavy multitasking workloads and applications its flexible I/O connects to.

The ML100G-51 industrial fanless NUC is protected by our own Hardshell™ Fanless technology. Optimized for efficient, reliable cooling, the ML100G-51’s fanless construction and solid-state storage mean no moving parts, extending the lifespan of the system considerably. Its sealed design prevents dust, debris, chemical, and moisture ingress, making the ML100G-51 capable of withstanding the most challenging industrial environments. Versatile mounting capabilities coupled with its small footprint allow the ML100G-51 to fit into many space-constrained applications.

The ML100G-51 brings several exciting features to the fanless industrial NUC with dual LAN ports, fast M.2 storage, and support for triple independent displays. The system also has flexible configuration options with DIO, terminal block power, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and 4G LTE wireless connectivity."