OnLogic Karbon 700 review

"Throughout all of these different workloads tested, the Karbon 700 was doing an excellent job at keeping the processor and other components operating efficiently to the extent that any thermal throttling was at a minimum while operating at normal room temperatures.

"In addition to having tested Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 19.10, a variety of other Linux distributions were also benchmarked on the OnLogic Karbon 700 without issue. Coming up in the next week or so will be those results of a multi-distribution comparison from the Karbon 700 for those curious. But long story short, with none of the modern Linux distributions tested were there any compatibility woes or problems.

"Over the weeks of testing thus far and continuing to run the Karbon 700 in our labs, there haven't been any technical shortcomings encountered. As with industrial-grade PCs, the only downside to report with the Karbon 700 is the price."

Source: Phoronix