Akasa Plato X8 review

"The Akasa Plato X8 is a nice fanless case for Bean Canyon NUCs. I can recommend it for the i5 and i3 models but based on what I’ve read the i7 model might get hot rather quickly in this case. Playing with Intel XTU tool and trying various settings might provide the remedy of course and certain trade-offs might be necessary with the i7 model.

If you’ve seen Akasa’s Gemini Lake case I can tell you that the Plato X8 is significantly more robust and better made case. It’s quite a handsome chunk of aluminium and feels well constructed. It’s not exactly cheap, but I can imagine that the batch sizes for these are not huge and Intel modifies the NUC design between each generation so Akasa needs to produce a new product every year."

Source: The NUC Blog