DIY passive chipset cooler

The ASUS ROG Strix X570-E is a fantastic piece of hardware, but like most X570 motherboards it does feature an actively cooled chipset. The 15W TDP is pretty high but not impossible to cool without a fan, in fact a sizable block of aluminum and two heat pipes seem to do the trick.

"Depending on the ambient temperature the idle temperature is between 45° C and 50° C, the temperature under load varies between 55° C and 65° C. Both were initially on the higher side but went down after a few weeks, the load temperature is with hot air from my GPU blowing directly onto the heat sink.

The temperature with the original cooler was at roughly 60° C in idle with the fan at ~2500rpm, I didn't bother to check the temperature under load."

Source: DerRuehrer via Overclock3D