Intel launches NUC 8 Pro

Intel introduces NUC 8 Pro AKA Provo Canyon, a new range of vPro-enabled mini PCs (i5 and i7 models only) engineered for business and commercial needs. NUC 8 Provo Canyon is actually very different from NUC 8 Bean Canyon. Gone are the 28W Coffee Lake CPUs with Iris Plus Graphics, Provo Canyon features capable but energy-sipping 15W Whiskey Lake processors. Provo Canyon NUCs are available for pre-order as boards, barebone kits, or complete Windows 10 PCs.

✓ Intel vPro platform
✓ Dual HDMI 2.0a
✓ Thunderbolt 3
✓ Internal eDP (4K@60Hz)
✓ Triple display support
✓ Four USB 3.1 ports
✓ Intel Gigabit LAN
✓ Headless and virtual display emulation
✓ Qualified for 24x7 operation
✓ 3-year limited warranty

Intel partner Simply NUC is readying a passively-cooled option, featuring their in-house Porcoolpine chassis, shipping in May.

Sources: Intel, Simply NUC