Myth debunked: fanless PCs run hot

The Bean Canyon NUC runs cooler in the fanless Akasa Turing case than in the stock - actively-cooled - chassis.

"Now heat, or lack thereof, is not much, especially compared to stock. With ambient temps varying between 20-25C (shop gets cold and gets hot, so it's pretty good to test in), Prime95 blend, or small, or smallest, or the Intel Burn Test on any size–it doesn't matter–all hit a peak of 74-75C at 50W for about 45 seconds and settle in at about 62C on 30W. It can run for 2 hours and doesn't budge from this. I've tried it at different times of day and different ambient temps and even at 25C, it's within ~2C of the 20C ambient tests."

"When compared to stock, that's insanely low. Stock would hit 95C+ just loading Windows and startup apps/services. And Prime95 made it about 30 seconds before it hit 100C and started throttling back to below 30W. 50W lasted only for a few seconds before dropping down. Plus, no fan noise!"

Source: reddit