The Beautiful Machine

"The last time I built a PC, the CPU was an Intel Celeron 433Mhz Slot1. All cases available were beige and ugly. Information was scarce. Learning that a part existed was an achievement in itself. Actually producing the parts was an adventure requiring to drive around town. In the worst case, orders took months.

Being crazy into CG at the time, the graphic card I picked was a Riva TNT from a relatively new yet impressive company called Nvidia. The NV4 was one of their earlier chip and I had a hard time keeping it cool. The machine froze often during that hot French summer of 1998.

Fast forward 20 years, the world of PC enthusiasts is a marvel. Whatever you are into, there is a manufacturer with parts that will do what you want. Orders can be delivered on the next day. Sometimes even on a Sunday. In last resort, a 3D printer will solve your problem. The hardest task is to make up your mind and decide what you actually need.

I am not a hardcore CG programmer/gamer anymore. Time has allowed my tastes to evolve. Pixels pushing sessions have made way to glyphs carving and type-setting. When I set myself to build one more PC, my goals were different. I did not want to sacrifice everything to horsepower. I wanted a totally silent machine. I wanted something esthetically pleasant. I wanted something that would remind me of the NeXT hardware..."

Source: Fabien Sanglard