Rare i9-9900T solution

Notebookcheck takes a look at one of the very few i9-9900T options. The Impact Display Solutions IMP-3654-B1-B features the much-touted 35W Intel processor and a Kontron mini-STX motherboard.

"Can the Impact IMP-3654-B1-R Mini PC run a Core i9 CPU with just a heat sink? The answer is yes, but it's only for a limited time. When the system is fully stressed for long periods, clock rates will eventually throttle and fall off a cliff as we've demonstrated above in multiple instances. At its best, clock rates will stabilize at around 2.5 GHz for an overall multi-core performance level similar to the 45 W hexa-core Core i7-9750H even though the Core i9-9900T is a 35 W octa-core part. This is one of the fastest silent mini PCs you can find in that regard."

Source: Notebookcheck