Tensor-PC announced

Coming soon from Compulab, a wide range of fully modular and scalable fanless PCs. Tensor-PC is destined to replace their current lineup which includes fitlet2 (low-power), Intense PC (NUC-like performance) and Airtop (workstation-class).

✓ Tensor-PC offers dozens of different modules to choose from. Additional modules are developed in a progressive manner

✓ Modules are open-source-hardware in order to provide a reference to 3rd parties developing custom modules

✓ Tensor-PC supports multiple off-the-shelf cards in PCIe, mini-PCIe and M.2 form factors

✓ The first Tensor-PC model - [I20A] - is based on Intel 9th generation Core / Xeon with up to 6 cores, 64 GB RAM and 37 lanes of PCIe

✓ Tensor-PC is introducing a new industrial temperature predictable-performance rating with no-throttling

✓ Tensor-PC supports out-of-band management as well as identification and control of connected modules

Source: Compulab