The Akasa Turing is back

The Akasa Turing FX is designed for Intel's 10th Gen NUC (AKA Frost Canyon) and cooling is still amazing according to this redditor :

"NUC10i7FNH in Akasa Turing FX running Handbrake all night long. 23°C ambient when I took this screenshot. Average seems to be around 70-72°C.

I made a few BIOS changes to power settings. I changed TDP to 28. The stock setting for TDP was 30 in the BIOS, even though the CPU itself is rated at 25 at ark.intel.com. I also effectively disabled the turbo boost short power mode that bursts TDP real higher for short periods. I did this by changing it from 64 to 28. Before doing that, the CPU frequency was bouncing all over the place and dipping way down to 1ghz frequently after the case warmed up.

I had run some stock case testing as well before putting the board in the Turing FX. I did a few tests at different TDP values and below is what the standard case managed. The ambient was a bit higher for these readings since we had the AC on while it was hot outside. The screenshot is from this morning on a surprisingly cooler day so the inside temp is down a bit.

Stock Case 15 TDP - Amb 26°C - 56-58°C
Stock Case 20 TDP - Amb 26°C - 67-68°C
Stock Case 24 TDP - Amb 26°C - 70-72°C
Stock Case 28 TDP - Amb 26°C - 78-80°C"

Source: KoolShare, reddit