Fanless music server

"Built a silent (not merely quiet, but perfectly silent) PC as a HTPC. No fans, no moving parts, no coil whine. Ryzen 3700x and GTX 1060 won't break any records, but they each have a low enough TDP that I can run them with NoFan CR-95 and Deepcool Dracula coolers, respectively, in an open air Core P3 case. Temps reached 55C/33C idle and 69C/55C under light gaming, and stayed far lower when playing video and music. I'm happy.

The case had to have exceptional airflow. I'm totally bored by towercases, so I passed on the Lancool II Mesh and kin from other manufacturers, and although a cube would be aesthetically OK, the CoolerMaster HAF EVO and Corsair Air 540 seemed too closed in. I've already created a silent D Frame Mini build, so I wanted to go with something new. The Thermaltake P3 was a nice combination of size and open-air. It looks a little forlorn without a rad or fans in the right hand section, but that's life. Skipped RGB since the show should be on the TV, not the PC.

Although it's really built as a HTPC for music and video streaming in the living room, I tested it with Skyrim and ESO, and found the temps acceptable. I was able to get peaks of 77C CPU and 67C GPU running artificial loads, but mostly gameplay was lower. Ambient isn't very hot today, so I'll measure again if we get any more hot days this summer. Very pleased."

Source: reddit