Unique music server

"CAPS Twenty.One is built on the Streacom DB4 chassis. I chose this chassis for several reasons, among them are its unique appearance, fanless design, very high quality, versatility, documentation, dual expansion slots, the fact that Streacom is a good company to work with, and the chassis features room to mount the one of a kind analog gauges for monitoring PC resources.

The DB4 is an absolute joy with which to work. All four identical sides are removable, enabling one to access the internal infrastructure with ease. The side panels are made of 1/2 inch thick aluminum (including fins) that's much more reminiscent of a high end audio product than a computer case. The top of the DB4 features a removable 1/8 inch thick plastic piece with vents on all four sides. All cabling for power, USB, Ethernet, and other peripherals is attached to the case or main board through the bottom of the chassis. The feet are designed in such a way that allows cable routing either though the openings or through two of the four corners where the feet don't reach the end of the chassis. It's a fantastic design all around."

Source: Audiophile Style