AnandTech reviews the Akasa Turing

"With its massive heat sink chassis and solid aluminum construction, the chassis is able to keep the processor cooler than the standard kit with the fan. There is a slight reduction in the power consumption for the same workload. The design is contemporary - subjectively speaking, the unit is pleasing to look at, and doesn't need to be tucked away out of sight in a living room setting.

On the pricing front, the unit contributes to almost a quarter of the eventual cost of the build, coming in at $134. That may appear as a premium to folks used to budget builds where the cost of a case and heat sink / cooling solution are negligible in the grand scheme of things. As a component that is responsible for the main attractive aspect of the build, the pricing is justfied in our opinion. All things considered, the Akasa Turing family deservedly earns our recommendation for the DIY enthusiast looking to create silent versions of the Bean Canyon and Frost Canyon NUCs."

Source: AnandTech