Turemetal UP10 case review

"A passive design was required. I've done a few passive builds in the past, but the problem with most is the maximum dissipation capability is always measured in double digits... usually no more than 50W or so. So laptop components or NUCs or SBCs like a raspberry Pi have been the go to solution - but I would need multiples of those... which then becomes a different kind of administration headache. After some investigation, I found an enterprising individual in China who is working on creating solutions to this problem - and I knew I had to build my server in one of his cases. I was even more convinced after reading a review at Anandtech and seeing the monster build he sent to Linus of LTT (which is definitely beefier than what I'm building).

The Turemetal UP10 is not a cheap case by any means (it runs between $700-$1000 depending on options, shipped to US). It is also not a quick solution, with my lead time being about 7 weeks - including discussions with Mical Wong about configuration, etc. It's also about the farthest thing from lightweight... about 25lbs (before adding any hardware). This is definitely not a "my first build" kind of chassis... but it is very well made, and an amazing performer as well."

Source: Audio Science Review