PCMag reviews the ZBOX CI341

"Zotac's goal for its ZBox Edge CI341 ($179.99 as tested, in bare-bones form) was to create an exceedingly compact mini PC that's entirely silent and fit for everyday use, plus some niche cases. Those include audiophiles seeking zero distraction from their PC platform; display-signage deployment; and, as the name implies, edge-computing scenarios requiring minimal local processing power. The company succeeds on the first ("compact") front—the Edge is tiny and, with no cooling fans or other moving parts, noiseless. The Intel Celeron-based micro desktop's performance may be a different matter, but the CI341 has at least a few no-doubter things going for it, including solid build quality and a low starting cost. Whether it has enough else to succeed beyond a few limited applications, among some competing devices that cost about the same once this ZBox is fully equipped with components, will be up to you, and what you do. As it stands, it's solid for what it is, but don't expect major muscle."

Source: PCMag