ZBOX edge CI341 review

"The Zotac ZBOX edge is a very energy-efficient office system. The Intel Celeron N4100 is specified with a TDP of only 6 watts; consequently, it doesn't need an active cooling unit. The quad-core SoC is sufficient for simple office tasks. For the test, we equipped the mini PC with 16 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. However, it should be noted that only SATA SSDs are supported. Unfortunately, faster NVMe SSDs can't be used.

Even under load, the temperatures of the Zotac ZBOX edge are always in the uncritical range. The surface of the case heats up a bit more than usual due to the passive cooling, but it's still acceptable at a good 54 °C (~129 °F). We register a temperature of 64 °C (~147 °F) for the SoC during the load test, which is also a normal value."

Source: Notebookcheck