Akasa Turing A50 users' reviews

The first units of the Akasa Turing A50 are out there, and people are pleased with it. The aluminum chassis did a fantastic job with the 28W Intel NUC and - unsurprisingly - is excelling at cooling the 15W AMD-powered ASUS PN50.   

"I just tried (100% CPU usage) that for about 10 minutes and the cpu temp was at 35-40°C"

"I've been playing Elite Dangerous on FHD mid details for about 45 minutes and it stayed around 35°C"

"I have a 4.800U in the Akasa mining Monero 24/7. CPU is around 15 watt and 45-55 Celsius."

The Turing A50 is now available in the USthe UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary and more. 

Source: reddit