Akasa's Maxwell Pro is a keeper

"I have been using this case now for a few weeks, and it has been an excellent addition to my workspace. It is hardly noticeable as it is practically silent, and it blends in well with my setup. I create videos for my job, and the case can keep the i7-9700 processor in the PC under 90 degrees under heavy load – which is mind-boggling, considering it is all through passive cooling!

The design is functional and minimalist, it would not look out of place anywhere. However, it does weight quite a lot due to its dense aluminium structure, but this is to be expected for a passive case. All in all, I would recommend this case, it performs very well and means my workspace is completely silent. Note that I had to buy a separate power adapter from Akasa too, just search “Akasa 150W power adapter” and get both the DC-DC (internal) and AC-DC (external) power adapters."

Source: Amazon